Piercing Aftercare

Piercing Aftercare Instructions

1. WASH your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or touching your piercing for any reason. Leave it alone except when cleaning.
2. Use a mild, unscented, antibacterial soap no more than twice a day. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the soap from the piercing. It is not necessary to rotate the jewelry.
3. Use non-iodized sea salt mixture: Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized (iodine-free) sea salt into one cup (8 oz.) of warm distilled or bottled water. Soak for five to ten minutes once or more per day. Invert a cup of warm saline solution over the area to form a vacuum. For certain piercings it may be easier to apply using clean q-tip or cotton ball saturated with sea salt solution. A brief rinse afterward will remove any residue.
4. Please allow cleaned area to AIR DRY. Cloth towels can harbor bacteria and snag on jewelry, causing injury.
5. During the duration of healing avoid submerging the piercing in unhygienic bodies of water such as lakes, pools, hot tubs, bathtubs; as bathtubs can harbor bacteria.
6. During the healing process secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (plasma) will form some crust on the jewelry. You may also experience some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness, some discoloration, itching or bruising.This is perfectly normal.
7. Refrain from over-cleaning. This can delay your healing and irritate your piercing.
8. Avoid all beauty and personal care products on or around the piercing including cosmetics, lotions, and sprays, etc.
9. Do not clean your piercing with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Betadine, Bactine, and pierced ear care solutions or any other products containing Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK). These can be irritating and are not suitable aftercare remedies. Also avoid ointments as they prevent necessary air circulation.
10. Leave jewelry in at all times. Should you decide you no longer want the piercing, simply have a professional piercer remove it and continue cleaning the piercing until the hole closes.
11. Wearing loose fitting clothing is highly recommended for body piercings such as navel or nipple piercings, this allows circulation and proper blood flow.
12. For oral piercings please limit smoking, drinking alcohol as well as using recreational drugs. Avoid alcohol-based mouthwash at all costs! It will dry out your mouth and your piercing(s) and delay the healing process. The best way to clean the inside of your mouth is with a sea salt mouthwash because it’s made from a healing mixture of purified water and sea salt with minimal other additives. Make sure to rinse your mouth after meals, snacks, smoking or after drinking. 


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